Media Kit

We are two retired grandmother travel writers who love to travel, embrace life, and see where it takes us. Grans On The Go encourages women in our age group to explore the world around them through travel. Our content focuses on girlfriend trips, but we also make sure to include couples and solo travelers looking for a community to engage with.

The Grans make an effort to stand out among travel blogs by providing quality content for travelers over 50. The blog is authentic! We write only about places we’ve been, the experiences we’ve had, and the products we’ve used. Our readers consistently return to the Grans On The Go blog to not only follow along with our adventures. They look to us to provide advice on all aspects of the travel process.

  • Our goal is to become the number one trusted source for women over 50 looking to experience travel.
  • 35% increase in new users year over year
  • Average time on site per reader is 3 minutes
  • Social media engagement per post is 35-40%