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The History of Memorial Day Is Felt In Arlington National Cemetery

Sgt. Major Rodriguez is military escort to President Truman

The history of Memorial Day has its origin in Arlington National Cemetery. The history of Memorial Day means a lot to families of military personnel. My journey in Arlington Cemetery on a beautiful spring day was moving and inspiring. It was a day full of memories. An excerpt from the Arlington website: “Initially, being buried at a national cemetery was not considered an honor, but it ensured that service members whose families could not afford to bring them home for a funeral were given a proper burial. The first official “Decoration Day,” later renamed Memorial Day, was held at Arlington National …

Cross over Mackinac Bridge to another place in time

Cross over the Mackinac Island Bridge to another place in time. Remember the movie from 1980 entitled “Somewhere in Time”? The movie was filmed on Mackinac Island because the island still remains as it did in days gone by, the early 1900s, before televisions, computers, or cell phones — when life was simple, without the interruptions we have today. Read about the top things to do on Mackinac Island.

Niagara Falls, the basic guide for baby boomers

So you thought Niagara Falls was just the falls?  There are so many things to do in Niagara Falls that baby boomers enjoy.  Check out the list of things to do in this article. Millions of honeymooners as well as families have made their way to Niagara Falls as a romantic destination and geological wonder, which is why Niagara Falls is New York State’s number one tourist destination.  Twelve thousand years ago, Niagara Falls was formed when the glaciers receded and torrents of water were released and found its way to the Atlantic ocean. Today 13 million visitors find their …

Washington, D.C. — An Honor Flight for Veterans

Some of the Veterans were “brothers” since high school. Others served during Vietnam but got to know each other later— through their volunteer work with the prideful Patriot Guard, who provide a motorcycle brigade escort during a veteran’s funeral. On one beautiful spring day in Washington, D.C.  these veterans shared their memories with comrades who know best of the sacrifices made years before. Having returned  from Washington, D.C., on my second of such trips, I’m full of gratitude and pride for our Veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. A non-profit organization, Alabama Freedom Flight, provided a day …