Top 10 Reasons To Love Girlfriend Trips

There’s nothing like traveling to a new place on a girlfriend trip. Good friends, new friends, sisters, and sisters-in-law make great companions. The group can be large or small, but by the time you get back home to the demands of life, you’ll feel refreshed. Depending on the type of trip you take, you MIGHT even be more rested!

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge on Girlfriends trip to NYC

We all love our families.  At this point in our lives, many of us will gush over telling you about our grandchildren. But a balance in life is always good, and getting away on a girlfriend trip can be just the ticket to recharge your battery.

Orange Beach Lazy River
Floating in the lazy river at The Caribe-Orange Beach

The adventure starts well before the girlfriend trip begins

It’s fun to get together on the phone or over dinner to map out a plan. Compare notes on what to take, a timeline, and general preferences, and you’re ready to go!

Beach trips are some of the best for girlfriends, and we are fortunate to live close to the sugar-white sands of the Gulf of Mexico. The Alabama Gulf Coast boasts two notable beach towns to visit – Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. At the Caribe Resort, you can enjoy luxuries such as the lazy river, pools, slides, saunas, hot tubs, tennis courts, and more. Check out the Tripadvisor reviews for the Caribe.

Grans On the Go’s Top 10 reasons to love girlfriend trips

1. Laughter is the best medicine. There’s usually laughter involved with girlfriends, and surprises along the way. Funny bones are tickled easily, especially at the end of a long day when you get plain silly.

Laughter is Medicine
Laughter is the best medicine with girlfriends

2. Girlfriends let you do what you like to do. There’s cooperation among girlfriends, and listening to each other’s preferences makes for fun and variety. We love when a girlfriend says, “I really want to see the museum,” and another says, “I really want to go shopping!” You can do both and meet at the end of the day.

NYC Characters in Times Square
NYC Times Square-girls meet some of their favorite characters

3. Vary your experiences and try new things. With the encouragement of girlfriends, you’re more likely to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. Others may have experience and they might cheer you on and bolster your courage.

Costa Rica Zip Line
Zip Lining in Costa Rica is a new adventure

4. Travel with a support group. Talking about things going on in your life seems a little easier while walking along a sidewalk in a beautiful place, taking a hike, or while on a train looking at beautiful scenery. A girlfriend trip is a perfect opportunity for quality time together.

Hiking train in Oak Mtn. State Park
Walking to the hiking spot at Oak Mtn. State Park

5. Get to know each other better, sharing space and time. It’s always fun to share time getting ready, getting opinions on fashion and hair on a girlfriend trip. You get to know each other better while juggling time in the bathroom and figuring out rooming logistics.

Camping in Tennessee State Parks

6. Get away from the daily responsibility of family and jobs. Girlfriend trips are good for letting go of the responsibilities in your life, even if temporarily. Plan to unplug and relax!

Chicago Millennium Park Bean
Chicago’s Bean Sculpture in Millennium Park – after the rain

7. Save money by splitting costs. Lodging costs are the easiest way to save money on a trip. Choosing an apartment with multiple bedrooms and a kitchen is a great way to be frugal. We have used Airbnb, VRBO/Home Away, and others with success. Save time and money by eating at least one meal a day in your room.

Florence city center apartment
Florence, Italy apartment found on Airbnb was authentically Italian

8. Air travel is more fun with friends. A trip doesn’t have to include air travel, and there are plenty of fun places to go by car. Airport layovers, TSA, or even a bumpy flight can be less stressful with girlfriends. If you tend to get nervous on flights, check out this article on turbulence.

9. Feel safety in numbers. There’s a comfort zone in new places when traveling with girlfriends. If you travel abroad, some cities warn against petty thievery in busy public areas. Girlfriends help keep an eye out for each other. Shopping in open markets is a treat. Just take turns keeping an eye out while others make their purchases.

The Elephant Man-NYC Broadway
The Elephant Man on Broadway, NYC was excellent!

10. Experience new perspectives with friends. At the end of the day, it’s fun to go over your experiences and see the details remembered by each person.

Costa Rica Mudbath
Costa Rica Mudbath in a tropical rainforest

Girlfriend Trips Are Good For Your Health

Travel and Leisure magazine recently published an article “Taking a Trip With Your Girlfriends Is Good for Your Health,” which quickly got our attention.

Although we have been traveling with girlfriends for years, we didn’t stop to analyze all the benefits. We just knew it was fun!

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Learning a new dance
Learn new things from friends, like dance moves!

We hope you’ll enjoy our travels and pick up a few tips on things to do, what to see, and how to travel with friends. Whether you’re with one other friend, solo, or with your spouse, we recommend exploring the world around you!

Mexico beaches
Mexico Beach canopy on a beautiful January day

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  1. genxtraveler01

    I haven’t done a girls trip in a while. I am getting ready to visit Asheville with a friend I haven’t seen in 20 year. I’m looking forward to reconnecting and doing girl things!!

    1. Melanie Pollard

      He was in between movies so he played The Elephant Man lead. Yes, he is absolutely more handsome in person. I’m not usually “star struck” by people, but I found myself unusually giddy since I could reach out and touch him after the show —- but I resisted the urge!

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