Six reasons to book now instead of later — Grans On The Go Alaskan Cruise — July 2020

By Melanie Pollard

Stopping off in Banff National Park in Canada on the drive home
Stopping off in Banff National Park in Canada on the drive home

For most people, an Alaskan cruise will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To say Marla and I are “excited” about taking a large group of friends to see the beauty of Alaska is truly an understatement.

My Alaskan Summer

Most of you know, as I’ve told EVERYONE, I was fortunate enough to spend a summer in Alaska about six years ago. It was a time in my life, after family sickness and a career layoff, (before grandchildren) that I needed renewal time. So I loaded my little Prius with my belongings and a friend nice enough to ride with me part of the way. We drove across the country, loaded my Prius onto the Alaskan Ferry, sailed up the inside passage, and drove on to Fairbanks, Alaska.

Tim and Melanie at an Indian Fishing Village outside of Fairbanks

It will always be one of the highlights of my life, for I, indeed, was able to “touch the face of God” when I really needed to see Him and feel His touch. Alaska now holds part of my heart.

Buffalo have the right of way when you drive a Prius alone in Alaska
Buffalo have the right of way when you drive a Prius alone in Alaska

What should you pack for your Alaskan Adventure? Compare your packing list to our shopping guide here and make sure you have everything.

Why should you book now?

When you think about our Grans On The Go Group Tour being 16 months away, July 2020, you may wonder: What’s the rush? Why should you book now?

New sale information since original post: Please go here to review current sale information which provides additional savings to the prices listed in original post.

Six reasons to book your Alaskan cruise now

  • Choice of cabins: The earlier you book, the better choice of cabins on the ship. If you are serious about getting a particular room or location on board, please book early.

  • Land Tours fill up before the ship fills up: If you are considering one of the land/sea tours, please book now!! There are a limited amount of hotel rooms on land available, which is a much smaller number than rooms on board the cruise ship. Please don’t miss out on your land tour opportunity because you waited too long to book.

  • Dinner with the group: Book now to ensure dinner seating with the Grans On The Go group. Our group has a 7:15 or 7:30 standing dinner reservation. This is the most popular time onboard to eat dinner. When the reservation time fills up, you will need to pick an alternative time to eat dinner.

  • Choice of Excursions: The most popular Princess cruise excursions book first, of course. The earlier you book, the more time you have to choose excursions. Look for an upcoming blog post on excursion options.

  • Payment options: By booking early, our travel agent, Pam Cheek, can set up a payment plan to fit your budget and timeline.

  • Have a great time with new friends!

Thanks to all who have already signed up. We are still anticipating approximately 40-50 people to go, maybe more.

Full details can be found at here at Or email our travel agent, Pam Cheek at She will call you back asap.

Grans on the Go sailing on the Grand Princess, July 2020
view of mountains and lake with text overlay
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