Alaska Cruises on Princess – Everything you need to know about baggage

Alaska Cruises on Princess - baggage needs
Alaska cruises on Princess – a trip of a lifetime!

It’s finally time to pack for Alaska cruises on Princess! But there are so many websites to search for luggage detail limits: domestic airlines, Alaska Railroad, Princess ships, and motor coaches. Where do you begin? We have simplified the process by telling you about popular sizes to use for air, rail, ships, and motor coaches. Detailed guidelines for luggage sizes and other suggestions are outlined below.

Luggage sizes for Alaska Cruises on Princess including Land Cruisetours with Alaska Railroad

Most passengers pack three bags per person — one for the cruise, one for the land cruisetour portion, and one daypack. We suggest the three sizes below in order to meet your needs for all carriers.

  • BAG 1: Domestic Airline Checked Baggage Size: Most airlines will allow you to check one bag and have one carry-on bag. There is normally a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds per checked bag as well as a size restriction. A common size bag for checking through is: 27″ x 21″ x 14“. Check with your airline before making a final decision. Wheeled bags are recommended.
  • BAG 2: Domestic Airline Carry-On Baggage Size: A common sized bag for carry-on luggage is 22″x 14″x 9“. Most airlines have a carry-on weight limit of 40 pounds. Wheeled bags are recommended.
  • BAG 3: Alaska Railroad Personal Item Bag Size: One Personal Item/Day Pack item is allowed per person. Personal item bags may not exceed 15” x 14” x 6”. Please remember to take your medications, cameras or other items that you will need during your train ride.

Princess Cruise Ship Luggage

Although Princess does not limit the number of bags allowed on board, we would strongly suggest no more than three bags total: One for the cruise, one for land, and one personal item/backpack, all as listed above. Note: Check with your specific carrier.

If you are going on the cruise-only portion of a cruise, the 27″ bag and the 22″ bag will carry enough for several weeks. Packing for a seven-day cruise can fit easily into a 27″ and a daypack.

Stop the overpacking!

Baggage for land cruisetours with Princess

  • 27″ LUGGAGE: A 27” bag going to the ship rendezvous point will receive a “Join Me Onboard Ship” tag at your arrival airport. This bag will travel with Princess from the arrival airport to your ship. If you have a land cruisetour first, you will not see this bag until you arrive at the ship. Be sure to consider these things when packing and selecting your suitcases: Airlines often charge for checked baggage and for any bag weighing over 50 lbs. You should strive to be five to eight pounds under that weight limit going to the destination, so you can have room to tuck souvenirs in on the way home and still be underweight with no penalty charges.
  • 22″ LUGGAGE: A 22” Carry-on bag going with you to your hotel destination receives a “Travel With Me” tag at your arrival airport. To take your cruisetour, you simply disembark off the airplane with a daypack, meet the Princess representative at baggage claim who will give you instructions about luggage and transportation. This 22″ bag will travel with you to the hotel, or Princess will deliver it to your hotel. Princess will store this carry-on bag while you’re in transit between locations of the Cruisetour, and deliver it to your room the first evening. Note: This size bag COULD be checked with your airline. We try to keep this bag with us for medications, a change of clothes/pajamas, cameras, laptops, etc. It’s our emergency bag in case the airline misplaces the checked bag. So if you decide to check it, keep items needed in your daypack.
  • 15″ DAYPACK: For your personal item, we suggest a lightweight daypack that you have the ability to tuck a small purse, water bottle, medications, and camera inside as needed.
Alaska Cruises on Princess - everything about baggage
A 15″ Daypack can be used for excursions as well as airplane and train rides.

Cruisetour Guidelines

On the website, answers to most of your questions will be under FAQ:

  • Select Cruisetour Questions

Cruisetours for land and sea have specific guidelines regarding the size bag you can bring. Because of the types of transportation used, such as trains and motor coaches, you will not be able to bring a full-sized suitcase, only a 22″ carry-on sized bag, and a 15″ daypack/personal item.

Alaska Cruises on Princess - everything about baggage
Daypacks with various sizes of luggage

What should I pack in my Daypack?

Keep All Necessities with you

During the day, while in transit, you can bring one 15″ personal item/daypack, such as a tote or backpack, with all of your daily necessities, e.g., water bottles, cameras, billfold, sunglasses, sunscreen, and hat. You will not have access to your 22″ carry-on bag which will be in storage during the day.

Alaska Cruises on Princess - everything about baggage

Pack all daily necessities, such as medicine and travel documents in your 15″ personal item/daypack that you keep with you. That bag could double as your daypack for excursions, such as a tote or backpack.


Once onboard the ship, your room will be equipped with a safe where you can leave some of these items. Your land hotels during the cruisetour may also supply a safe in your room. If not, be sure to carry valuables with you. When checking out of hotel rooms and ship cabins, make sure nothing is left behind. Once you check out, you might not have items returned.

Plan your luggage to meet cruise, rail, and motorcoach guidelines.
Plan your luggage to meet cruise, rail, and motorcoach guidelines.

In summary, think of the Cruisetour luggage as the guidelines for air travel. You’re allowed to bring one carry-on suitcase (22″ or less) and one personal item (15″ or less). The personal item can stay with you at all times, fitting under a seat while you’re in transit on trains and motor coaches. The 22″ carry-on suitcase will be accessible when you reach the first night’s stay.

Alaska Cruises on Princess - everything about baggage

If you pack light enough, you MIGHT be able to fit all of your items into one carry-on suitcase for the entire trip.

What to pack for Alaska Cruises on Princess

Click below to open a page of suggestions for packing.

Alaska Cruises on Princess - everything about baggage
Double-check your packing list with our suggestions from Amazon here

Laundry Facilities are Onboard

There are laundry facilities available on the ship and in some of the lodges. They are typically self serve machines, and the typical rates are $3 per load for wash and $3 for dryer.  You can purchase laundry soap on board or bring your own. On the ship, they use tokens which you can purchase from your cruise card/medallion out of your onboard credits.  

Bring home a lifetime of memories with Alaska Cruises on Princess

Personally, we would not consider making this trip without a suitcase with rollers! But, of course, you might consider this your weight lifting for the week. So you can enjoy your trip your way!

You will find detailed information about the cruise here at Grans On The Go Alaska Group Cruise for July of 2020.

There are 7 Easy Steps to prepare for a Princess Alaska Cruise. Check out this article about how to navigate the Princess website.

Alaska Cruises on Princess - everything about baggage

The memories you will make with Alaska cruises on Princess will far outweigh any anxiety you might have about packing for Alaska. And remember LESS is always MORE in regards to packing. You never hear anyone say, “I wish I’d brought more luggage!” Enjoy your trip of a lifetime!

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